pharmaphorum connect is a consultancy providing first-class strategic and creative content services to pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare organisations.

We conduct research, develop strategy, create compelling content and drive customer engagement for our clients, using experience and connections from our unique publishing heritage, and are a member of the Healthware Group.

Our project experience spans multiple communications and marketing areas, including corporate, brand, medical, patient experience/advocacy, R&D/partnering, innovation, HR/recruitment and internal engagement. We have a team with expertise spanning all major therapeutic areas and many niche ones, including several rare diseases.

Our clients span the healthcare sector, including global pharmaceutical companies, mid-size biopharma, biotech, service providers, patient organisations / charities and healthcare providers.

We also work collaboratively with external partners, including communications / marketing agencies, physician / patient communities, technology providers, contract research organisations and many others.

Why we’re unique

Healthcare stakeholders are bombarded with content from multiple channels and have extremely limited attention spans.

For companies looking to communicate their messages, the key differentiators are quality of content and resonance – tapping into what really interests their audiences.

We are digital natives and adept storytellers. We draw upon our connectivity with all healthcare stakeholders and have collective experience spanning journalism, creative writing and design to deliver unique media.

The result is content strategies and creative that cuts through the noise.

We combine all these skills and connectivity to deliver impactful results for our clients.

We are publishers, consultants and creatives bringing healthcare together.

“Thanks for all the great work you do!
We couldn’t do it without you.”

Senior Stakeholder Engagement Manager
Dr Paul Tunnah at pharmaphorum
Dr Paul Tunnah

Founded pharmaphorum in 2009 and is a respected expert in healthcare social media and content-based engagement. Paul is a frequent speaker on the conference circuit

Someone at pharmaphorum
Susan Percival
Project Director

A highly-skilled project manager and editor with over 10 years’ experience in medical publishing and communications

Andrea Winchell at pharmaphorum
Lynette Arnell
Client Services and Operations Director

Lynette has worked in the pharma industry for over 25 years, at both a Global corporate level and in start-ups, with a strong background in publishing both from an operational and editorial perspective.

Claire Bowie at pharmaphorum
Claire Bowie
Strategy and Scientific Director

Former medical journalist and editor, with senior content, project and account management experience at global healthcare communications organisations.

Someone at pharmaphorum
Dominic Tyer
Creative and Editorial Director

A trained journalist and editor, Dominic has specialised in the pharma, biotech and health sectors since 1999, developing a keen interest in digital technology

Dr Paul Tunnah at pharmaphorum
Sally Macaulay
Senior Consultant

A highly skilled and well-organised consultant with over 10 years’ experience in project and account management and editorial control in healthcare

Heather Duncan at pharmaphorum
Mike Smith
Senior Designer

Over 10 years of design and production experience working in healthcare publishing and beyond as many clients value experience outside our own industry in rich media formats, including digital and print

Heather Duncan at pharmaphorum
Jenny Cann
Account Director

An independent healthcare consultant with over 10 years of medical education and communications experience in editorial, client service and strategic roles.

Our history

pharmaphorum connect was born out of the pharmaphorum.com publication, when an industry client was so impressed with a multimedia project delivered through our channels that they asked if we could help them deliver better content through theirs.

From our early days of supporting pharmaceutical industry clients and other organisations with social media and website creative, our offerings have organically expanded to provide end-to-end services for developing and implementing effective content marketing and communications campaigns.


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