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US Online Patient Advocacy Community (Astellas)

We were asked to create and then wholly-manage a digital solution that would facilitate ongoing engagement with patient advocacy groups before, during, and after an annual Patient Advocacy Summit. Objectives included:

  • Create and nurture long-term relationships with key advocacy groups in key therapy areas and in non-disease specific communities, who share the goal of improving patient health
  • Maintain momentum gained from the Patient Advocacy Summit into the second, and beyond, by creating consistent opportunities for ongoing engagement on key topics and the insights gained from the Summit
  • Foster increased collaboration between the client and patient advocacy groups on priority issues while allowing our clients to act as “executive editors”
  • Establish ongoing support for content development, website management and related promotional channels


  • We conceived and developed a content-driven multichannel solution that would drive online engagement with patient advocacy groups
  • We designed, developed – and continue to manage – a mobile-friendly website as the hub destination for debate and content for the target audience
  • We collaborate with patient advocacy groups, independent journalists and key opinion leaders to ensure a steady flow of high-quality content
  • We developed – and continue to grow – visitor numbers through organic and paid search; social media; direct marketing and newsletter publication

In the two years since launch (June 2016 to May 2018), we:

  • received 147,348 visits (121,082 unique)
  • published 189 articles
  • achieved 582 total newsletter subscribers
  • recruited 37 Community of Advocates members (organisations that have contributed to the website)

In March 2018, we agreed an extension of the management contract for a further 12 months. To ensure the website’s continued success, we are:

  • regularly refreshing the website with new and relevant content
  • making updates to maintain a high-quality user experience
  • intensifying promotion through social media outreach and newsletter campaigns
  • building stronger relationships with the advocacy community by growing the Community of Advocates

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"I just wanted to share a little pat on the back. Our head of Corporate Affairs was thrilled to see the analytics from the website. He asked me to share with our senior management committee, which includes our President of the Americas region. I thought you all would appreciate it. Thanks for all the great work you do! We couldn’t do it without you."

Senior Stakeholder Engagement Manager

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